Summer Diaries: Skydiving


Skydiving has always been waiting on my bucket list ‘cause no one wanted to go with me. Pfffft. So imagine how happy I was when my friend told me she wanted to do it for her birthday in August. Channeling my inner Katniss Everdeen, I said, “I volunteer.” Lol. We were supposed to do it on her birth month, but because I’m as impatient as you could imagine, and something was telling me to just do it, I finally did it.


On a Thursday morning, I called up Skydive Taft to make a reservation for Friday. It was quick. Next thing I know was I was screaming of excitement for the next day. My best friend agreed to go there with me for support, provided she will not jump. Hehe, I don’t know if she did the purpose ‘cause during the whole drive to Taft, she’s been scaring me.. But to no effect. Sorry, Myz!

As soon as I got there, I signed my life away. Seriously! The waiver says that no matter what happens, it’s gonna be my fault. Scaryyyy, huh? But just think that the instructors do it every day of their lives, and they’re still alive. Lol. Besides, you’re gonna die anyway, why not make life worth it? 


Afterwards, they took my weight (or mass, lol), and checked my ID (You should be over 18). In a few minutes, my instructor called my name, put my harness on, and explained to me what I was supposed to do. His instructions were just enough to make the most of the experience, but not enough that it made me panic. 


In another minute, we’re already boarding the plane. Yay! The plane took off, and we started jumping off at 13,500 ft.


We free fell for about 60 seconds, and at 5,000 ft., my instructor deployed the parachute. We did some flips, which were my favorite part overall. 


When we landed, we were picked up by a small van that took us back to their office. I waited for the video and pictures that didn’t take too long. I’ve read a lot of reviews that says it can take you hours even before you jump, but the whole process was super quick! Plus the staff was nice, so my overall experience was great. 


Was I scared? Honestly (and proudly), no. I was calm. But when we got in the plane, and started to take off, I got a tiny bit nervous. But I was still more excited. 


Do people go there alone? Yes. Before, when I thought no one would go skydiving with me, I kind of felt intimidated by the idea of going to the airport without any friends to skydive with. But when I got there, there were some people other than me who were gonna do it alone. Besides, if you’re gonna do a tandem skydive jump, your instructor will definitely make you feel comfortable.


Tips? Expect that flying at 13,500 ft. from the ground, the pressure would definitely hurt your ears. That’s the only bad part of my whole experience. You might be allowed to wear your own earplugs, so bring a pair for yourself! Bring extra clothes (especially pants or shorts). You’re gonna land on the ground with your butt, so your pants might get dirty. Other than those, just wear comfy clothes, and you’re good.

Was it worth it? Hell yeah! And I would definitely do it again. If only it wasn’t that expensive (at least for me), I’d get myself a license. Someday, someday..

The feeling you get from flying is just the best. Would you ever go skydiving? Let me know in the comments!

Skydive Taft is located at 500 Airport Rd, Taft, CA 93268


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