Three Different Views of the Manhattan Skyline


One of New York’s signature is the stunning skyline of Manhattan- be it at night when the buildings light up the dark, or in the morning with the view of the city’s busy streets. But wondering where to see and snap a picture of that Instagram worthy skyline? I got three different places where you should be!

1. Empire State Building Observation Deck

empire state

On top of the list is the Big Apple’s most iconic building.. You can never go wrong with it! This skyscraper located on Fifth Avenue offers tourists a spectacular view of the city. Be prepared ’cause a lot of tourists go up during the day! Come at early morning for less busy hours, or at night and watch the city lights twinkle in the dark. Admissions start at $32.

Oh, and by the way, on special occasions or holidays, they light up the exterior of the building with different colors, so you might wanna watch out for that too!

2. Top of The Rock


Located in Rockefeller Center, Top of The Rock offers pretty much the same thing as the Empire State Building.. Except it’s better! The three-story observation deck gives you a view of the city, with the Empire State Building! That’s one thing the Empire State Building obviously cannot give you! Lol. Not to mention it’s less crowded than #1, you also get a better value for $30!

3. Roosevelt Island Tramway


A little less known than the first two on the list, yet the tram gives you a unique experience to see Manhattan. You get an aerial view of the city, and you can hop off to enjoy the quieter side of NYC.. Bingo!


Bring with you a good photographer! My best friend, Mariel, took that picture of me.

Did I mention that with your MetroCard, a roundtrip ride is only $5? You’re welcome! The Manhattan station is located at 2nd Ave, between 59th and 60th Street.

Which among the three would you wanna go up first? Let me know in the comments!


Best of New York on a Budget

My bucket list has a long list of travel destinations, and one of them was New York. It’s the city where food, fashion, and art meet. But being the Big Apple as it is, it can pretty much break your savings.. That’s if you don’t plan ahead! Tourists can still experience NYC without breaking the bank. Here’s a guide to the bests of the city while on a budget:

1. Take the train or subway

Skip the infamous yellow cabs. Taking the subway is the easiest way to get around. It can get pretty confusing which train to get into, and where to hop off. But in a little while, you’ll get the hang of it. After all, New York is known for its subway system, and you’ve never been to New York without getting on the subway!


A single ride ticket costs $3, however you get more value if you buy the MetroCard and just load it through their vending machines as you ride. You can also get an unlimited ride MetroCard that’s good for seven days for $31. Check out to know more.

2. Walk

Obviously, the cheapest way to see the city. You can just walk around and admire its beauty. Stop by once in a while and take pictures! If it’s your first time in the city, you won’t even notice how far you’ve gone! Trust me, it’s that pretty.

3. See the Statue of Liberty


You don’t wanna see the Lady Liberty. You need to see it! Because why not? Staten Island Ferry gives free ferry rides to get up close to the Statue of Liberty. See to see the schedule.

4. Get a pizza


Hungry yet?

You should try NY Pizza Suprema in Midtown. A good slice just costs around $5.

Or if you’re on a tight budget… Once you see a flashing sign of “99c Fresh Pizza”, don’t ask, just get in that store, and feed yourself a slice, or two. I won’t judge!

5. Free Attractions

New York can be overly expensive if you wanna get in every museum and broadway shows. But if you plan ahead, you can score cheap, or better- free entry to different kinds of attractions. Most museums have free days, or have some sort of pay-what-you-want hours. While you can score discounts from on some broadway shows.

6. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge is famous for its history, and for being the longest suspension bridge when it was built. It also connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. Walk or bike through the bridge and witness its beauty! Bike rentals start at $7.

7. Get a cheesecake

Once you get through the Brooklyn Bridge and step into the streets of Brooklyn, head over to Junior’s and reward yourself some New York cheesecake! It’s one of the three locations in the city. Not only is the cheesecake divine, but the service is great. A slice of cheesecake is only $8!

8. Grand Central Terminal


If you’re a fan of Gossip Girl as I am, you’ll definitely wanna hop off the S train at Grand Central. And if you’re not, well, you still should. Lol. Admire its architecture, people watch- observe the locals, shop at the market, see the train miniatures at the New York Transit Museum (free admission). Just go!

9. Halal Guys


This is definitely one of my favorites in New York, just ’cause we don’t have it yet in the West Coast. At $7, you get a full bowl of chicken (or whatever kind of meat you want) and rice with their signature sauce. It’s delicious. (Can’t wait til they open their branch here in SoCal.)

10. Times Square


The most touristy place to be on the list. One of the city’s busiest place. Tourists flock off to this square because of street performers, flashy electronic billboards, and has been mostly used as a movie location.

Any other ideas to save money while in NYC? Let me know, and comment below!